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Based on our girl-centered leadership approach, we launched an online and self-paced program on Canvas. It features 15 storytelling modules called “chapters” for girls to create and share stories according to their interests. The program offers guided prompts, multimedia resources, and discussion boards for them to build knowledge and act together across differences and territories. Initially in English, we hope to adapt it soon to other languages such as Portuguese and Spanish.

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Target learners

Líderes do Futuro is a learning space for girls from age 10+ across the world that want to create positive change in the world by creating their stories, connecting with other girls, and learning more about leadership for social change.

Learning Framework

In this program, we planned a leadership journey to support learners to explore through storytelling and collaboration how they can work together for meaningful change. The 15-module course curriculum blends principles of (1) Collaborative Learning, (2) Social Change Model of Leadership Development, (3) Gender-Responsive Leadership, and (4) Multimedia storytelling.

The modules are structured using the learner-centered pedagogical framework “Own it, Learn it, and Share it” (Lee et. al, 2016), in which learners: (a) develop ownership over the process and achieve personally meaningful learning goals; (b) learn autonomously through metacognitive, procedural, conceptual, and strategic scaffolding; and (c) generate artifacts aimed at authentic audiences beyond the assessment.

In each “chapter’, as we call it, the girls can create stories through journal prompts, research more about their topic of interest and share their stories with others in topics such as identity, values, creating change, building together, among others. We offer creative templates and resources because the leadership journey should be inspiring!

Learning Journey

The leadership journey comprises two learning objectives from the Social Change Model of Leadership (below) with a gender-responsive lens :

  1. Self-knowledge: understanding one’s talents, values, and interests, especially as these relate to the learner’s capacity to engage in leadership
  2. Leadership competence: the capacity to mobilize oneself and others to serve and work collaboratively

    For that to happen, the 15 chapters have activities for learning in three dimensions:
  • [Me, Myself] Explore the components that make up my lived experiences
  • [Me, Others] Explore how my experiences are similar to or different from others
  • [Me, My Community] Explore scenarios for my future and for my community
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the leadership journey, learners will have created and shared a portfolio of multimedia stories that connect their lived experiences to other lived experiences and to visions of their future and their communities’ future.

Learn more about the learning objectives for each module on the program’s page on Canvas.

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