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Amanda Luz

I was a girl born in a small town in Brazil. Because education was always a priority in my family, dreaming big was never too difficult. From an early age, I saw proof that access to education could transform a woman’s reality from examples in my family and around me.

When I was a girl, I dreamt of reading one thousand books, traveling the world, and meeting as many new people and new places as humanly possible. The world looked big and exciting. But as a grew up, I learned that the world could get smaller based on conditions out of my control and other girls’ control. Nevertheless, I still had great opportunities to study, travel, and most importantly, meet other girls pursuing big dreams. They wrote the books I needed to read and created new possibilities for girls in the world.

This project is based on the inspiration, legacy, and active hope of those who came before us and those who currently are changing the world for women and girls.

I am a journalist who works with content strategy and learning design. I have led digital communication strategies focused on women for editorial brands and non-profit. I also have worked on human-centered design for public education projects in São Paulo. Currently, I live in the U.S., where I got an M.A. in Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at UNC-Chapel Hill.